Genie Knight Smith

Genie completed a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences in 2012 and continued her studies with a Master of Speech Pathology at Griffith University, completing it in 2014.

As part of the graduate program, she gained experience in areas of swallowing, speech, language, fluency, and voice.

She worked across both acute and rehabilitation departments at Robina Hospital and Gold Coast University Hospital.

After welcoming her own two young girls, Genie wanted to pursue her desire to work in the pediatric field, where she has experience working with children and young adults with physical disabilities, neuromuscular conditions, developmental delay, and autism.

Genie is passionate about her work, and her areas of expertise includes school readiness, augmentative, and alternative communication (AAC), Literacy, Speech and Language.

Hayley Walpole

Hayley has been a registered Psychologist for over 10 years and has worked in a variety of settings including primary and secondary education, health, and disability and in private practice.

Hayley completed her tertiary education in Melbourne and the Gold Coast, followed by several years of supervised practice in the area of mental health and disability.

Hayley’s experience also includes working in the specific field of perinatal depression and anxiety, and with the Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria.

Hayley works with clients aged 16+ with various clinical disorders and general life challenges. Hayley treats clients with presenting problems such as depression, anxiety, work stress, grief and loss, adjustment, eating disorders, postnatal depression and anxiety and family relationship challenges.

Hayley provides a supportive and compassionate space when assisting her clients, whilst aiming to provide them with the tools and education to address current presenting problems.

Hayley practices a range of therapies including CBT, IPT and solution-focused therapy.

Bookings can be made by calling 07 5619 3066 for availability of appointments and fees for Hayley or by our online booking HotDocs.

Isabel Lund: Speech Pathologist

Isabel holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from Southern Cross University.

She is a passionate Speech Pathologist who strives to empower clients to reach their full potential by delivering evidence – based therapy tailored to the individual.

Isabel has experience working in a range of areas including speech, language, literacy, fluency, social communication, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and swallowing.

Isabel has worked in the disability sector where she supported children with a variety of diagnoses such as ASD, Cerebral Palsy, Joubert Syndrome, Angelman’s Syndrome and Down Syndrome.

Isabel has also worked in in the rural South Australia where she gained experience supporting both adults and children with communication, voice, and swallowing difficulties.

Isabel is a Hanen more than words certified practitioner, Sounds Write Literacy certified and has completed courses in responsive feeding as well as cervical auscultation to support feeding in pediatrics.

Isabel looks forward to an ongoing journey of professional development to further her knowledge and clinical skills.


Graduating with a Masters degree in Physiotherapy and being accepted to The Polish Society of Physiotherapy, Paulina initially enjoyed a specialty role in the discipline of Paediatrics. Thereafter throughout Scotland being acquired for key clinical roles across various tertiary hospital settings. Such highly skilled roles including the Intensive Care, Musculoskeletal, Cardio-Respiratory, Orthopaedic and Neurology units. Since arriving to Australia, Paulina has been endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Council, and registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency permitting her to be further awarded a clinical management, senior role with Allied Health Services Australia.

Paulina’s professional interests include, but are not limited to:

– Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, including patients post stroke, Spinal Cord Injury post traumatic accident, progressive neurological conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease.

– Musculoskeletal: chronic conditions, acute injuries and work related injuries, i.e. back pain, rotator cuff injuries, ACL injuries, OA, management post fractures and many more.

– Hydrotherapy, for paediatric and adult patients with various medical conditions. – Clinical Pilates, for adults and teenagers, to improve strength, mobility and share passion for movement.


Louise is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian working in private practice. She holds degrees in Health Science, Nutrition and Dietetics and has a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between the human body and nutritional biochemistry. Louise uses her expertise in food and nutrition by translating evidenced-based scientific information into personalized practical advice to help clients improve their health and wellbeing.

Special interest and skilled areas:

Diabetes management, Weight management, Women’s nutrition (endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormonal imbalances), Cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure – DASH diet, high cholesterol), Food intolerances/chemical food sensitivities (elimination diet), Gastrointestinal conditions (Irritable bowel syndrome – low FODMAP diet, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, Coeliac disease, diverticular disease, GORD, gastritis, SIBO), Plant-based nutrition (mineral deficiencies), Chronic liver disease (MAFLD, ALD, hepatitis, haemochromatosis), Chronic kidney disease, Pregnancy/child nutrition, Osteopenia/osteoporosis & Cancer nutrition

Louise takes a holistic and person-centered care approach in working with clients, to facilitate nutrition, behavior and lifestyle change and endeavors to empower clients. Louise offers nutrition counselling services in chronic disease management and is committed to providing high quality dietetic services. She has experience in many areas of nutrition and can help people understand the diet-disease relationship for a wide range of health problems. Louise can also provide nutritional advice for patients on specific/restrictive diets (e.g. Ketogenic Diet, Mediterranean diet, Low FODMAP Diet, SIBO Bi-phasic diet, Elimination Diet, Vegan/Vegetarian diets, Time restricted eating, nutrition for POTS).